Character Design and Story Development for Children's Books by Mollycules

Character Design and Story Development for Children's Books

A step-by-step guide for beginners {Course Runs March 26th - April 6th}


Have you always had a children’s book story burning inside of you, but needed help getting it out? Join published author Molly Hahn {Mollycules} for her very first class on character design and story development for children's books. 

This is a go-at-your-own-pace course includes four self-guided modules and three LIVE office hour sessions with Molly
. Begins March 26th. There are only 35 seats available.

The live sessions are scheduled March 26th, 29th, and April 4th at 8:00am PST. All live calls will be recorded and posted in this member's portal.

In this class you will learn how to:

Create and draw characters.
Write a unique story.
Get your message out from your imagination and put it on paper.

Now is the best time to get started on that big dream and Molly will be there to help you every step of the way!

Molly's classes always sell out and she likes to keep them small, so reserve your seat now!

What's included?

Video Icon 25 videos File Icon 15 files Text Icon 7 text files


Recorded Group Calls
Live Group Call Recording!
(1h 09m 15s)
Live Group Call Recording #2
(1h 06m 49s)
Live Group Call Recording #3
(1h 03m 20s)
The Creative Vault
How to Draw Zed
113 KB
How to Draw Ooty!
4.27 MB
Characters Made from Basic Shapes
150 KB
How to Draw Eyes
173 KB
How to Draw Noses
139 KB
How to Draw Mouths
164 KB
BONUS: How to Draw Your Character from Different Angles (Video 1)
2 mins
Compass for Character Turns
350 KB
BONUS: How to Draw Your Character from Different Angles (Video 2)
1 min
Character Turn Examples!
6.03 MB
Character Turn Guides
558 KB
Facebook Group
Play this Video
2 mins
Play this Video Too!
6 mins
How to Take Your Pencil for a Walk (Play This!)
10 mins
Listen in: Bonus Guided Meditation
17 mins
Supplies Update + Live Group Call Link
Module 1
Garbage Truck (Lesson 1)
3 mins
Garbage Truck Checklist.pdf
1.18 MB
Lost and Found in Space (Lesson 2)
4 mins
Detective Adventure (Lesson 3)
3 mins
Playing Detective (Download and Print)
40.3 KB
Discovering Your Character (Download and Print)
44.5 KB
Now it's Your Turn (Lesson 4)
1 min
Module 2
Shape Super Power (Lesson 1)
3 mins
Wiggle Superpower (Lesson 2)
5 mins
Cartoon Super Workout (Lesson 3)
4 mins
Now It's Your Turn (Lesson 4)
3 mins
Compass for Character Turns.pdf
350 KB
Super 3d Superpower!
22 mins
Module 3
Honoring Your Process
6 mins
Getting Your Idea Out
4 mins
Power in Numbers
Think Local, Go Global
4 mins
Think Local Go Global.pdf
31.9 KB
Permission to Dream
5 mins
The Heart of It
5 mins
Dear Little....pdf
39 KB
The Joy of Research {mod 4, lesson 1}.mp4
6 mins
Road Map Part 1
Road Map Part 2
Module 4
Q: How do you paint a Buddha Doodle in Photoshop?
60 mins