Mindful Doodling with Mollycules by Mollycules

Mindful Doodling with Mollycules

What's included?

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Frequently Asked Questions
Watch This! (Welcome Video)
9 mins
Live Call Schedule
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Supplies List
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Frequently Asked Questions
Recorded Group Calls
Recording of Live Group Call #1
(1h 00m 20s)
Recording of Live Group Call #2
(1h 02m 25s)
Week #1
Day 1
Link for Live Call #1 (May 13th @ 8:00 am PST)
Intro to Meditation (VIDEO)
10 mins
Taking Pencil for a Walk 1 (VIDEO)
9 mins
Day 2
Coloring Your Pencil Going for a Walk Drawing (VIDEO)
9 mins
Inking Your Pencil Going for a Walk Drawing (VIDEO)
4 mins
Day 3
Dots Walk (Video #1)
5 mins
Dots Walk (Video #2) Adding color
4 mins
Day 4
How to Draw a Feelings Molecule (VIDEO)
3 mins
Coloring Your Feelings Molecule (VIDEO)
6 mins
Day 5
Week 2
Link for Live Group Call #2
Day 6
TO PRINT: "Up-side-down Mona Lisa.pdf"
5.82 MB
Up-Side-Down Drawing #1 (VIDEO)
5 mins
Day 7
Up Side Down Drawing #2 (Hero or Mentor)
6 mins
Day 8
Up-Side-Down Drawing #3 (VIDEO)
6 mins
Day 9
Painting Your Up-Side-Down Drawing (VIDEO)
7 mins
Day 10
Mindful Drawing Walk (VIDEO)
5 mins
Mindful Drawing Workbook.pdf
3.3 MB
Intro to Digital Painting: Part 1 (VIDEO)
4 mins
Intro to Digital Painting: Part 2 (VIDEO)
4 mins
Intro to Digital Painting: Part 3 (VIDEO)
13 mins
Intro to Digital Painting: Part 4 (VIDEO)
7 mins
Cartoon Speed Workout (BONUS)
4 mins


What is the Live Call Schedule?

  • May 13th at 8:00am PST/ 11:00am EST
  • May 20th at 8:00am PST/ 11:00am EST
  • BONUS call on May 29th at 8:00am PST/ 11:00am EST 

What is the Supplies List?

  • Printer paper 
  • 7''x10'' Canson Multimedia paper [here is a link: http://bit.ly/CansonPaper]
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Black fine tip pen 
  • Your choice of color
    [I recommend NeoColor Watersoluable Crayons]
  • Small, Medium, and Large watercolor brushes (nothing fancy needed, a simple standard set will do from any hobby or art store)

What if I miss a call?

Because I like to keep my class size small, you're always welcome to email me a question to answer during the call if you can't make it! So don't worry, you'll still get the benefit of one-on-one time!

Are the live calls recorded recorded?

All group coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to the member's portal. A link to the call will be provided via email 24 hours prior to the call. The link will also be posted here in the member's portal.